Our Abstracts

Skeie JM, Aldrich BT, Wilcox AE, Schmidt GA, Reed CR, Greiner MA. Reduced Fission and Mitophagy in Diabetic Corneal Endothelial Cells Impair Mitochondrial Health. ARVO Program #1357, Honolulu, HI, April 29 – May 2, 2018.


Aldrich BT, Skeie JM, Schmidt GS, Reed CR, Kuehn MH, Greiner MA. Proteomic Analysis of Aqueous Humor Reveals Progression of Diabetes Mellitus in the Anterior Chamber. ARVO Program #4814, Baltimore, MD, May 6-11, 2017.


Liaboe CA, Carter PC, Mixon DC, Aldrich BT, Skeie JM, Schmidt GA, Reed CR, Wagoner MA, Goins KM, Greiner MA. Assessing the Impact of Diabetes Mellitus on Donor Cornea Transplant Suitability. AAO Abstract # 30047724, Chicago, IL, October 15-18, 2016.


Burckart K, Aldrich BT, Skeie JM, Schmidt GA, Reed CR, Whidden CP, Greiner MA. Effects of Trypan Blue 0.06% on Mitochondrial Respiration in Human Corneal Endothelial Cells. EBAA Special Session, Chicago, IL, October 14, 2016.