A Leader in the field

Iowa Lions Eye Bank is an innovative leader providing quality tissue, education, research and support to those who serve the sight impaired.

About Us

Iowa Lions Eye Bank is the only eye bank that serves the state of Iowa. 



We're committed to engaging in cutting edge research activities that will revolutionize our understanding and treatment of eye disease.



For over 60+ years, we've served surgeons worldwide following our mission to enhance the quality of life through the restoration and preservation of sight.


Cornea/Eye Donors from the State of Iowa in 2023
Donor Corneas Provided for Sight Restoring Surgeries in 2023
Years of Service to the State of Iowa

“My success rate has skyrocketed since switching back to Iowa."

Dr. William Lipsky

I have worked with the Iowa Lions Eye Bank since 2010.  They provide personalized service and top quality tissue.  They have helped pioneer the field of pre cut tissue dating back to DSAEK and now pre-loaded DMEK.  ILEB has also been a key partner on surgical mission trips. 

Dr. Alex Cohen

I am fortunate to have a relationship with the Iowa Lions Eye Bank for over 15 years. In that time, they have been a leader among eye banks nationwide in teaching and innovative research. In true Midwest fashion, they have graciously shared their knowledge with surgeons such as me who have settled across the country, thus allowing countless other residents and fellows across the nation to benefit from their cutting edge innovations

Dr. Sudeep Pramanik

ILEB always goes the extra mile to accommodate my specific tissue requests including cut, marking, donor demographics, and delivery needs. Their communication and customer service are second to none. 

Dr. Matthew McCauley

The Iowa Lions Eye Bank provides tremendous service to our patients.  While it has unparalleled experience and is very progressive in its tissue offerings, the organization also believes in relationship building.  These relationships facilitate interactions with surgeons and lead to better patient outcomes

Dr. Matthew Rauen

I have worked with the Iowa Lions Eye Bank since I was an ophthalmology resident at the University of Iowa.  I continue to work with them each week as a corneal surgeon because of their attention to the details of tissue processing, the compassion they show to donor families and the priority they place on innovation and research in the field.  The Iowa Lions Eye Bank is truly one of the top eye banks in the country.

Dr. Jordan Rixen

"The Iowa Lions Eye Bank as been a tremendous resource. I know what to expect every time I order tissue from them. I speak with the same people who know my preferences. The unique thing is that they are constantly making sure the surgeon is getting what they desire. For example, I recently requested pre punched, stained and stamped DMEK tissue which is free floating in optisol.  It has saved precious OR time and has benefitted my practice!"

Dr. Lucas Lenci